Free Furniture & Appliance Recycling Program Coordinator – 15- 20 hours/week

Travel time to meet clients or represent IHS: 85 percent

The primary responsibility of the Free Furniture & Appliance Recycling Program Coordinator is to receive and distribute donations for the program; gather all related data from donors and clients, and; provide information in a timely fashion to the office administrator for processing and data entry. The Free Furniture & Appliance Recycling Program Coordinator is required to use all safety equipment provided to avoid personal injury and oversee the same safety precautions for all who are assisting. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Coordination of donation receipts

  • Respond to calls from individuals wishing to donate; provide information regarding program restrictions and limitations of donations**
  • Seek/Build relationships with local businesses to fill inventory needs (i.e. hotels, appliance stores)
  • Arrange donation pick-ups in a manner which is most cost-effective for IHS and most convenient for the donor**
  • Coordinate furniture moving helper schedule or acquire adequate volunteer help for pickups and deliveries **
  • Prepare travel plan (schedule, contact info, equipment needs and directions)
  • Upon acceptance of donations, complete receipt of contribution form and provide copy to donor along with donation envelope

Management of storage area

  • Place similar items together in warehouse
  • After three (3) months an item will be offered to another agency or, if not usable, be removed as trash

Consumer services & distribution

  • Respond to calls from consumers and schedule appointments**
  • Receive consumers at appointments, completed required documents**
  • Assist consumers in selection process
  • Consumers are responsible for providing adequate transport of items and the loading of selected items


  • Complete client documents**
  • Provide client documentation, donor copies to office administrator for data entry/filing in a timely manner
  • Provide truck usage schedule to office administrator for calendar updates

Truck usage & maintenance

  • Maintain required documents in vehicle (i.e. insurance, registration)
  • Regular vehicle maintenance checks (i.e. fluid levels, inspections)


  • Must have a valid PA driver’s license
  • Conform to policies and procedures as outlined in the current IHS Policies and Procedures Handbook Provide community support to the Out of the Cold program as directed
  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Other duties as assigned

**= these duties may be transferred to a new position in the near future.

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