“What to do with that stimulus check and what to do if it’s not enough”


  • If your household has experienced loss of income, use the check to care for your basic needs—

  1. Rent/Mortgage

  2. Utilities

  3. Medications

  4. Taxes

  5. Food

  • If you have not experienced loss of income but have credit card, medical, student loan, automobile or other debt, consider reducing or elimination some of that debt to make budgeting more manageable in the future.

  • If you are still in the working class but your income has not been impacted by the coronavirus and you have no debt or outstanding bills, consider a savings or investment plan to prepare for that rainy day, your children’s college education, home improvement or appliance replacement.

  • If you are retired and comfortable with your financial portfolio, consider paying it forward. Your gift would be greatly be appreciated by your church and/or local non-profit agencies who work every day to provide basic needs and mental support to those in our neighborhoods who couldn’t make it otherwise.  Charitable giving has been greatly reduced and many fundraising events had to be canceled, putting these services at risk.


If you find yourself with insufficient income to meet your budget it’s time to look for ways to reduce the budget:

  1. Pay credit card bills as a last resort.   Many credit card companies are waiving late fees during this pandemic.

  1. If you have a mortgage, car payment or student loans, call to request a deferment.

  1. Discuss payment arrangements with your landlord.

  1. Consider temporarily reducing your cable and cell phone package.

  2. Utilize food banks and pantries.

  1. Plan meal menus before grocery shopping to reduce impulse shopping.


Whereas basic utilities ultimately need paid, most utility companies will not discontinue your service and many are waiving late fees.  Most car insurance companies are reducing your monthly premium for 2 months by as much as 30% due to the pandemic.

Community Resources

Medical Needs- Centre Volunteers in Medicine

Food- Central Pa Food Bank

Basic Needs & Community Resource Navigation- Centre Helps

Additional Help- Centre County United Way