A vibrant, signed, and numbered print sure to make a statement in any room! The print was purchased several years ago at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. It is signed by the artist, Emily T. Andress, a 1979 fine arts graduate of William Woods University, who focused her career on printmaking for several years before transitioning to painting in more recent years. This piece, titled “Communicating with Thoth,” is numbered 50/75. (Thoth is the Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom, and the moon.) The print is preserved in excellent condition under glass in a beautiful wood frame, and measures 25” x 32.50.”

Excerpt from an email exchange with the artist -“this is a piece that I did back in the early 90s. At the time, I was mainly a printmaker and that is a limited edition original that I hand printed. The last limited edition piece of that size that I sold was $800. I currently only paint in oils and also have created public art sculptures.” – Emily Andress

Donated by a friend of IHS.