Over the Edge

In 2018, IHS teamed up with FaithCentre to bring Over the Edge, an exciting fundraising event, to State College. Seventy-five brave souls raised funds to rappel down the 12-story Fraser Centre in downtown State College, raising more than $90,000 in the process.

In 2019, the event is back! On Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, participants who signed up and raised at least $1,000 will get the chance to take on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, all for a great cause. Click HERE to register!

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Holiday Wishing Well Bell Ringing

Nov. 29 thru Dec. 22, 2019

The annual Wishing Well Campaign starts Black Friday and runs through Dec. 22

Interfaith Human Services collaborates with hundreds of people to ring bells at Meyer Dairy, The Corner Room, and Walmart on Benner Pike to raise funds for families in need.

Last year, the campaign raised more than $30,000 to support low-income families with utility payments, new prescriptions, out-of-town medical appointments, and rental assistance.

One hour of your time will contribute toward assisting hundreds of low-income families in Centre County who face an urgent or emergency need. Please call our office at (814) 234-7731 or email interfaith@ihs-centrecounty.org.

On the about us page, what happens when we hire a new director.  The person’s name will have to be added, or if someone leaves the board or someone is added.  Under the events.  Sadie’s Waffles will not have a Wishing Well this year and we are not positive about Wal Mart this year.  I think that’s it for now.

“I have not had any kind of anxiety or stress over money. I don’t fight about money with anybody. I feel great.”


“I’ve never had extra money in my account. Now I don’t have to worry about bills. I would recommend this program to anyone.”


Give a Helping Hand

A contribution of time or funds gives your neighbors a hand up. Donate or volunteer today to help our community members in need.

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