Emergency Vehicle Repair 

Overall guidelines

The IHS mission is to strengthen families through financial stability. The intent of this program is to bridge an unusual financial crisis that disrupts employment due to a lack of transportation.

In addition to guidelines specific to each of the programs at IHS, those seeking assistance must meet the following criteria:

  • recipients must be Centre County residents
  • must review viable alternative transportation solutions with a staff member,
  • must have an income or be seeking job at or below 200% of the federal poverty level,
  • must not exceed $500 of total assistance for transportation needs over a 3-year period,
  • must show proof that a car is indispensable for transportation to work or to perform their job (i.e. food delivery,)
  • must show vehicle requiring repair is currently registered in PA, and
  • must review with staff the financial viability of continued vehicle operation.


Vehicle repair

IHS supports vehicle repair costs from an automotive garage and/or itemized cost of parts for the do-it-yourselfer.  Those seeking assistance must comply with the following:

  • submit a quotation from a garage or a quotation from an auto parts business for vehicle parts needed for the repair,
  • submit a justification of vehicle impact (i.e. vehicle is needed for work, such as to make deliveries; to travel to work; etc.,) and
  • after approval, IHS payments will be made to the repair garage or the parts shop.

Additional Support

IHS will support the cost of a one time:

  • Driver’s license,
  • PA Vehicle Registration, and
  • A single insurance premium payment.
  • State vehicle inspection.

Questions? Call Interfaith Human Services at (814) 234-7731.

The funds for this service are, in large part, contributed by generous donors during the annual Wishing Well Campaign, which runs from the day after Thanksgiving until late December.

“I have not had any kind of anxiety or stress over money. I don’t fight about money with anybody. I feel great.”


“I’ve never had extra money in my account. Now I don’t have to worry about bills. I would recommend this program to anyone.”


Give a Helping Hand

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